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Modem Tulsa is made up of a team of Tulsans passionate about our city and dedicated to shedding light on our beautiful city. We want Tulsa to become the place every American thinks about when they are thinking about investing, a weekend vacation or simply a new beginning. Our goal is to share great content on the city’s awesome culture and arts, vibrant energy, aviation and technology hubs, lively entertainment,great real estate locations and really goodschools offering quality education and extracurricular activities. To achieve this, we would like this platform to be as interactive as possible.

Our team therefore welcomes your contribution to this platform through offering suggestions on what you feel we should write about, as well your critiques and feedback on our content. As fellow Tulsans, we want you to share in our journey by providing input that will make this the best platform for all things Tulsa.

To offer your contribution, please fill in the form below, and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.