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4 amazing neighborhoods in Tulsa

If you have been following our previous series of posts which we believe you have, then you have seen us mention that the City of Tulsa is a vibrant city and one of the best places to consider putting down your roots. Previously, we looked at suburbs and this time round we are looking at how the neighborhoods rank in general.

We have taken the initiative of listing down 4amazing neighborhoods based on resident’s reviews, safety, cost of living, job and business opportunities, public schools and other local amenities.

The Riverview Historic District

The Riverview Historic District is a neighborhood predominantly occupied by the middle-class and has attracted residents with an appreciation for historic architecture. Most of the homes here were built in the early 20th century and this is evident in their architecture. The neighborhood is also known for its good schools and a wide array of amenities. The Riverview Historic District also has high-end mansions for those who have a little bit more purchasing power.

The Brookside neighborhood

The Brookside neighborhood will especially be attractive to a much younger home owner. Brookside is known for its martini bars and wineries, sushi bars as well as antique shops. The neighborhood has a lively nightlife, and during the day is a business hub with tones of specialty shops and galleries. If you enjoy walking or biking, Brookside is a safe environment as you can go about your shopping errands on foot, cycling or on a bike. It’s down to your preference.

The Cherry Street neighborhood

Cherry Street will be an attractive neighborhood for young families, as well as a person who enjoys art and culture.If you enjoy dining outside, this vibrant neighborhood has over 20 restaurants to choose from, and offers some of the very best art galleries. The wide array of entertainment and shopping amenities makes Cherry Street a local business hub. This in addition to good schools and a warm and friendly community makes this an ideal place to start a family.

The Pearl District

The Pearl District has built a reputation as being the ideal neighborhood for young professionals as well as people who enjoy peculiar culture. This once dead neighborhood was given a facelift and has transformed into a major cultural hub that attracts a younger audience. Pearl District has an array of restaurants and bars, and offers opportunities for white collar businesses and these are some of the offerings that young professionals find attractive.

All these neighborhoods are relatively safe, have good schools and other amenities as well as community of friendly and warm neighbors. This makes them really good places in the City of Tulsa to put down roots.

Do let us know if you have a specific area of interest as pertains to the City of Tulsa that you would like more information on.

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