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The top 4 memorable experiences in Tulsa

The City of Tulsa is the second largest in the State of Oklahoma with plenty of memorable activities for both locals and tourists alike. The city’s metropolis has a number of attractions ranging from good architecture, museums and art, to a vibrant nightlife, and a greatshopping experience. The people Tulsa commonly referred to as Tulsans are among the most hospitable in America thereby guaranteeing to put a smile on your face.

Let’s look at the top 4 memorable activities you can do when in the City of Tulsa.

bluedome - The top 4 memorable experiences in Tulsa

A visit to the Blue Dome Entertainment District

The Blue Dome Entertainment District has cemented its place as Tulsa’s entertainment capital. The district is a nine square block that is made up of indie boutiques, cool restaurants and pubs, as well as a really vibrant club scene for those who enjoy the nightlife. This entertainment district is always vibrant throughout the week making it popular for locals looking to blow off some steam as well as tourists looking for a fun experience.

A visit to the Utica Square

If shopping is your forte, then the Utica Square is your destination of choice. Let’s just say, it’s a woman’s paradise. The UticaSquare is famed for having a wide array of offering in trendy fashion, designer shoes and purses, home décor, as well asother specialty items. This is a shopping venue that you’re guaranteed to find what you are looking for provided that it’s trendy. To top it all up, you can chose to get pampered after hours of shopping in the exotic salons and spas within the square. As we said, it’s a woman’s paradise.

Visit the Gilcrease Museum

If you are a history buff or you just want to get a better appreciation of American history, then the Gilcrease Museum is your top pick. This museum guarantees you a unique American experience thanks to its comprehensive collection of Western art and artifacts, an array of historical manuscripts, and antique maps. You may have to make hundreds of visits back to this museum because it boasts of a collection of over 10,000 works of art. This is one of the best places to learn about the captivating history of the Americas.

A visit to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

With every vibrant city, you can never miss an opportunity to engage in a little bit of gambling. In the City of Tulsa, the place to get the best gambling experience is the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Here, you can enjoy trying out your luck in the slot machines, or test your skills in the blackjack and poker tables. This casino boast of an 110,000 sq. ft. casino floor, and a 19-story Hotel tower with plenty of VIP suites for high rollers or a lucky winner looking to splash out some of their winnings. As the name suggests, you will get an opportunity to enjoy some awesome live rock performances.

Do let us know if you have a specific area of interest as pertains to the City of Tulsa that you would like more information on.

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