About Us

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I am Herbert Martin,born and bred in the City of Tulsa, the secondlargest city in the State of Oklahoma. I take this opportunity to welcome you to Modem Tulsa a platform dedicated to helping you uncover this beautiful and vibrant City.

There are many great things about the City of Tulsa, which is in the North East of Oklahoma, and strategically located right on the Arkansas River and at the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. Tulsa is popularly known as the “Green Country”, a center of culture and arts, a vibrant energy, aviation and technology hub, an entertainment hot spot, a real estate paradise and great place to get quality education. I know this but many of my fellow Americans do not. This was my main motivation for developing this platform which will seek to uncover the beauty of this city through providing content that is both informative and educative.

Our Team

Modem Tulsa is made up of a team of Tulsans passionate about our city and dedicated to shedding light on our beautiful city. We want Tulsa to become the place every American thinks about when they are thinking about investing, a weekend vacation or simply a new beginning.

Welcome! Let’s uncover Tulsa together.