Blog1 - These are the 3 leading industries in OklahomaCity of Tulsa 

These are the 3 leading industries in Oklahoma

When looking at business opportunities in the City of Tulsa, you have to look at things from a wider perspective and that involves looking at the entire State of Oklahoma to see where Tulsa fits in economically. This is because when a state thrives, you can almost be guaranteed that its cities will also thrive.

Here are the 3 leading industries responsible for Oklahoma’s economic resurgence and by extension, the City of Tulsa.

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The energy sector

The City of Tulsa was one of the areas of America that historically benefited from the oil boom through job creation and rapid economic development. The State of Oklahoma therefore still maintains its position as one of the major energy producers in America. As a matter of fact, about a quarter of Oklahomans are directly or indirectly employed in the energy sector. These energy sources include the oil, natural gas as well as wind industries.

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The aviation sector

The State of Oklahoma is known as one of the dominant centers of aviation in America, with the City of Tulsa taking up some of the credit. The American Airline’s facility where all aircraft maintenance and repairs are done is hosted in Tulsa. Making the aviation sector one of the major contributors to the city’s economy as a result of the jobs created.

The information technology sector

The information technology sector in the State of Oklahoma is responsible for just over 30,000 jobs in areas of technology and software development. Major global brands like Google, IBM and ADP, among many others have their strategic data centers here. The City of Tulsa plays host to some of these companies such as Verizon, which has one of its financial services hub in this city.

img3 - These are the 3 leading industries in Oklahoma

If you are looking for a vibrant economy where you can set up shop, you can be guaranteed that The City of Tulsa fits the bill.

Do let us know if you have a specific area of interest as pertains to the City of Tulsa that you would like more information on.

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