Blog8 - City of Tulsa – 5 things you must know about the cultureCity of Tulsa 

City of Tulsa – 5 things you must know about the culture

The City of Tulsa is a vibrant place with plenty to offer. Just like any other city, there are a couple of things that are uniquely Tulsan. Whether you are coming to live here or visiting just for a couple of days, there are things about the culture you must know, to make your stay much more fun and interesting.

Here is our list of 5 things we believe you must know about the Tulsan culture.

Tulsans love live music

The number of venues in the City of Tulsa that offer live music is a dead giveaway to this fact. From Cain’s Ballroom, to the Brady Theater to the BOK Center, among many others, Tulsans enjoy live music whether its country, rock, blues or electronic. You will leave this city a convert.

racing - City of Tulsa – 5 things you must know about the culture

Tulsans love drag racing

The fact that Tulsans love drag racing is no secret. This is evident in the fact that the City of Tulsa is home to one of the best raceway parks in America. So, don’t be shocked the next time a couple of pimped up autos drive past you.

Tulsans are fanatic high school football fans

To be very precise, when in the City of Tulsa, you have to learn as much as possible about the Jenks and Union high school football teams. The rivalry between these two teams is historic and unrivalled in probably the entire United States of America. In fact, a documentary titled “King of the Mountain” has been produced which seeks to tell the story about this longstanding rivalry. You should definitely take some time and watch it.

Tulsa is home to an award winning sushi restaurant

Tulsans love their sushi. If you do to, you will definitely fit in in the Brookside neighborhood which is home to Raw Sushi, a restaurants that is making waves nationally for its sushi quality. This has even earned this restaurant an award. If you find yourself here, be sure to try out the Nirvana Roll-it, definitely the best sushi you will ever taste.

health1 - City of Tulsa – 5 things you must know about the culture

Tulsans love their health

The City of Tulsa is yet to earn a position in the national rankings for healthy cities but within the State of Oklahoma,Tulsa definitely ranks high. This city has a wide array of healthy markets with the likes of Whole Foods dominating the market. In addition to this, the city has a vast number of outfitters where residents keen on healthy outdoor activities like walking, runningor biking will not lack the right equipment for the task.

There are of course many more things that are uniquely Tulsan which we believe you will be able to quickly figure out when you spend some time in this city. We however hope that our list of 5 has helped make a few things clear for you.

Do let us know if you have a specific area of interest as pertains to the City of Tulsa that you would like more information on.

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